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Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot select the arrival date I want - what's wrong?

When you input dates to make a reservation, only valid arrival dates are displayed. Reservations are accepted until 6pm on arrival date. Each day begins at 8am.

What are quick dates?

Quick dates are commonly selected date ranges. The list will include the next couple of weekends, and holiday weekends. You don't have to use the quick dates to select an arrival date, you can use the drop down boxes or calendar to enter any valid date within the reservation window.

I need a site with electrical hookups. How can I tell which sites have services?

There are some optional filters available at the bottom of the reservation preferences panel that allow you to include or exclude sites based on certain criteria.

To locate a site with electrical hookups, select 'More Options' under Search Preferences for Your site requirements. From the list of options displayed, select 'Electrical Service'. The maps, lists and grids will then show in green only the sites that meet your preferences.

What's the fastest way to finding a site?

There are several tools available to help you find a site.

The fastest way to locate a site is to:

First - fill out the information you know: Your reservation type, Your preferred dates, Your park and/or campground and Your site requirements.

Next click on one of the 'Find Sites' view buttons. You can view availability on a Map, in a List or on a Calendar - and toggle between these views - until you find the perfect site.

I have a favourite site. How can I tell when it is available?

This website provides several tools to help you with your stay.

If you are looking for availability for your favourite site, select the 'Park and/or Campground' from the drop down menu and then click the 'On a Calendar' view button under 'Find Sites'. If you have a favourite camping area, the Calendar View will show you the site availability for the selected area. Selecting an area and clicking on your favourite site will give you the option of viewing a Site Calendar for the site. The Site Calendar will show you when the site is available and allow you to scroll the dates to see the whole season at a glance.

All the sites on the grid show restrictions. What does this mean?

A site displayed in yellow on the map, calendar or list means that the site is available for the dates you have selected, but does not meet your current reservation preferences. If you click on the site details it will show you what is restricting the site. It is usually the reservation type, equipment size or party size. If you have used the 'More Search Preferences', these options will also affect the site restrictions.

How do I change or cancel my reservation?

To change or cancel a reservation, you must 'Sign In' to your account and select 'My Reservations'. You can then select the booking you want to change or cancel by clicking the 'Reservation No. Details' link. On the booking detail page, you have the option to change or cancel the reservation using the 'Quick Links' on the right.

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